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I think it’s high time we overemphasized this, “FAITH WITHOUT WORK WON’T WORK”. Having counselled a lot of believers about how to eliminate delay in their lives, I realized that most of them actually have faith in God, but they don’t have work. They believe God to clear their house rent, but they want it in such a way that someone will just call them from nowhere and gift them the house rent? Jesus said, “show me your faith without your work, and I’d show you my work with faith”. Prayer is good, but it’s not equal to the work that must be done. In fact, prayer is merely an expression of faith. Your faith needs an alia to produce the results you desire, and that alia is called “work”.

A woman once told me that she wanted to operate a secondary school; and while everybody else discouraged her, I told her to go and look for a property and get the cost. I helped her with a school name couple with other things. And today, the school is up and running. Whenever I have a financial need, I don’t ask God to send somebody to give me money, no! I pray to Him to give me an idea or send new clients who would need my service. And guess what? It works without delay. Is it not more dignifying than sitting down and waiting for someone who will “sow it into your life” as many Christians have gotten used to saying.

That’s how far we’d go on today’s Timely Note. But take these last words; PRAY IN SUCH A WAY THAT ALSO MAKES YOU RESPONSIBLE. GOD RESPONDS QUICKLY WHEN HE HEARS WHAT YOU’RE WILLING TO DO TO MAKE YOUR FAITH IN HIM WORK. Have a most fruitful day, in Jesus precious name!

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An Inspiration of The Almighty

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Chiemela Amuruche

September 5, 2019at 2:39 pm

You’re such a good motivator

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