5 keys that makes every year count


By: Emeka Anslem

If Jesus’ earthly ministry gave priority to God’s word or direction, shouldn’t we be concerned? Isn’t this an example for us to follow? He lived for a very short time on earth, yet His life has been the most impactful till date. The Psalmist says “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. I can tell who is leading you by the wants that arise in your life. This is something I’ve always looked forward to every year. I remember back in 2017, God told me that He was going to give me multiple promotions. As at the time He told me, I had not authored a book, but before 2017 ended, I authored 27 books.


The first key you’d need to make the best of any year is A WORD FROM GOD.

No matter what your plans and thoughts are for the year, God’s plans and thoughts towards you are higher. If that’s the case, why should you settle for less? I know we have the mind of Christ, but you can’t be so sure of what God will do except He tells you. Oftentimes in scriptures Jesus would remark that He can of his own self do nothing; rather, he acts as His Father speaks or directs.