7 Keys to Gain Relevance


By: Emeka Anslem

Scripture has it that “every believer is redeemed to be the salt of the earth”. Thank God I cook; I know a little about what salt does to a meal. It has potentials to both preserve and give taste. If I am the salt of the earth, then I’m supposed to be a preservative and add taste to the lives of others. There are many ingredients that make up a meal, but only one ingredient brings on the salty taste. You may ask, how can I be the salt of the earth? Well, maybe you should also ask, how does the salt that is applied to a spot in a pot of soup extend to every other part of the soup? The answer is obvious, you stir it!


Don’t lose your salty taste. The reason why many believers suffer irrelevance is mostly because nobody considers a person who doesn’t add taste. Why would I want to be with you if you can’t make my life tasty? The moment you lose taste you’d also lose your relevance. We should live a life of “conscious contribution”; that’s what salt does. In my opinion, if your boss doesn’t seek your opinion before he takes major decisions, then you’re not as tasty as salt should be. If your school does not choose you to represent them in competitions, check yourself. My point is, people should always feel your presence, no matter where you find yourself.