Putting Grace Under Pressure


By: Emeka Anslem

If it’s not clicking, then you’ve probably started already…
I gave my life to Christ in February 2010, and started enjoying divine transformations. In 2011, I was studying the book of Daniel when I suddenly paused; I was overwhelmed by the strange acts of Daniel. After a deep thought, I held on to my computer screen, which was were the PC Bible was installed, and prayed “Lord Jesus, I receive the same gifts you gave to Daniel, the gifts that made him ten times better than his peers, and also helped him dissolve hard sentences”.


I was only a young believer, but I just wanted to operate the way Daniel did. Surprisingly, I started Teaching and writing the same year. I wrote very complex things in very simple ways. At some point, I even interpreted the dreams of friends. My friends called me more often to tell me about their night dreams, and to their surprise, I would give them an interpretation.