Timely Notes 30-Day Devotional -Vol 2


By: Emeka Anslem

First, permit me to say that the 30-days that would transform your life has finally come. On the 27th of February 2014, the Holy Spirit gave me the mandate to start writing Timely Notes, with a lucid instruction that “He would be the Author, while I would be the privileged writer”. I’ve received several feedbacks that has proven this mandate over and again. Among them was a man who approached me and said “It is impossible for a man to write these things, it has to be God that is writing it by Himself”. Another lady said “Anytime I read Timely Notes, It’s always as if God is talking to me directly”. Personally, I’ve had to read each Note over and again, because most of the things I write also sound new to my ears.


Timely Notes is posted daily on my blog and other social media platforms, and it has since been a daily devotional for many individuals, families, and organizations.