Trade Your Gift


By: Anslem & Faith

I’ve always been passionate about teaching. People who knew me when I was younger say that I talk too much. Of course, that was embarrassing; but what was an embarrassment many years ago is yielding profit today. The complain has since changed, people now say that I talk too small. They say I stop my messages when it is becoming really interesting. Many even go as far as inviting me to their programs as a key note speaker. Isn’t that an irony? Someone who “talks too much” now receives mails to talk and be paid.


There is no small gift. Every gift in man is like a seed planted by God Himself. The more you nurture (use) it, the more it grows. It’s just unfortunate that many people develop their professional skills and do nothing about their endowed gifts. If only they know that trading their gifts can make them more than any professional skill can.