What To Do With Your Pain


By: Emeka Anslem

Have you ever stopped to wonder why God permits pain? Why did God cast the devil to this earth? I know the devil rebelled, but couldn’t God have casted him to an empty planet? Didn’t He know that the devil will cause pain and suffering for His creation?
Why did God allow Jesus to go through pain? He received several stripes on his body, carried the cross in that pain, and still had to endure the pain of the piercing through his hands and feet for hours before he finally died on the cross. God is all powerful, couldn’t He have found another way to save the world from Satan?


Does the world really need saving from Satan? Do we really believe that God didn’t know that Satan will rebel against Him? Don’t you think that God factored his rebellion and relocation to earth into his creative agenda? Don’t you think that God knew that Satan will cause pain for His creation when he gets to the earth?
The real question is, why did God factor pain into creation? Oh, scriptures are beginning to roll up in your head, right? Me too… So now let’s begin the book.