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“Sir, how do you become visible so that people can see and know what you do?”. Visibility is a product of multiplied impact on people. If you want more people to see what you do, then do what you do to more people. The more people see what you do, the greater your chances of selling. Of course, servicing more people won’t be a challenge as long as you get contracts, right? But hey, the world doesn’t give that much opportunity. If you keep waiting for contracts in order to establish your visibility in the market, then you may not be seen, even after a decade.

I’ve come to discover that there are two levels of profit that rendering service brings to you; while it produces income for you, it also increases your visibility in the market. While some clients may pay with money and increase your visibility, some other clients pay by increasing your visibility in the market. For instance, I’ve been writing without a fee since 2012; and even though I wasn’t getting income, I was becoming visible. Today, I’ve handled writing projects that has fetched me a good amount of money. It’s amazing how people only begin to see you when you do things without a fee.

That’s how far we’d go on today’s Timely Note. But take these last words; IN BUSINESS, CREATE TIME FOR PRO-BONO PROJECTS. THEY MAY BRING LITTLE OR NO INCOME, BUT THEY’D CERTAINLY INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY. Have a most fruitful week, in Jesus precious name!

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An Inspiration of The Almighty


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