The devil cannot distort God’s plan. The bible says God is beautiful for situations; which means no matter how terrible the devil may have painted your situation, God can still repaint it to appear beautiful. God is a situation painter, and every painter naturally paints according to his thoughts. And we know from scriptures that God does not think evil thoughts concerning us, but good thoughts. Ps 115:12 specifically tells us that the only thing God is thinking about is how to bless us.

Satan may paint evil pictures of you just to resist you, but God also specializes in converting Satan’s resistance to assistance. Satan thought that he was resisting Jesus; he didn’t know he was assisting God to fulfill His plan. Joseph was seriously resisted by his brothers, but their resistance turned out to be an assistance that took him to the land of Egypt – where his throne was waiting for him. My point is, you may be resisted, but don’t worry, it won’t distort the process.

That’s how far we’d go on today’s Timely Notes! But take these last words; ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD, INCLUDING THE DEVIL. SO WHEN YOU SEE THE DEVIL WORKING AROUND YOU, DON’T PANIC, BECAUSE IT WOULD TURN OUT FOR YOUR GOOD. Have a most fruitful day, in Jesus precious name!

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An Inspiration of The Almighty

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