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Do not stay quiet when you really should be speaking. Everything may be down, the economy may be tough, the roads may the rough, house rent and other bills may be due, but God is still waiting for you to speak. A certain woman had an accident that landed her in a very narrow drainage. The motorbike that conveyed her was resting on her, while the vehicle that hit them was resting on the motorbike. Yes, everybody thought she had died, because there was no way anyone would have survived that kind of accident. But here was the woman, she could not feel any other part of her body except her mouth. She kept on saying “I shall not die but live to declare the goodness of God”. And mysteriously, when they lifted the car and the motorbike, they found her alive and well, there was not even a scratch on her body.

Faith is a speaking force. It’s okay to be peaceful about what you believe, but do not stay quiet about it. When Jesus spoke, demons were tormented and oppressed; but when He stopped speaking, they tormented Him till He was crucified. That woman should have died, but her words bailed her out. God has made our mouth more powerful than any situation or circumstance. If you believe the word you’ve received, then speak it. Your faith declarations may not pay your bills, but they’d advance you to a state where you’d be able to pay your bills.

That’s how far we’d go on today’s Timely Note. But take these last words; AS LONG AS YOU STILL HAVE YOUR MOUTH, THEN YOU CAN STILL GAIN VICTORY. BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS, “YOU SHALL HAVE WHATSOEVER YOU SAY”, INCLUDING VICTORY. Have a most fruitful day, in Jesus precious name!

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An Inspiration of The Almighty


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